Our Story


Introducing Our Community-Focused Brewery

Established in 2017, ABC Brewing was created to promote the small town of Battle Lake in Minnesota. Three local boys, Mike Risbrudt, Justin Flatgard, and Greg Smedsrud, decided to put up a small brewery where they can share wonderful stories about their community over a pint of beer. Since then, we have been serving award-winning beer and wood-fired pizza in a warm and comfortable setting.

Meet Our Team

Justin Flatgard

As our brewmaster, Justin is passionate about his craft and always makes fresh craft beers that pair well with pizza and other dishes. He is in charge of the quality, consistency, and taste of the beer we produce.

Sue Martinson

She is our managing partner who handles various management duties in our brewery. Suealso ensures that the daily operations run smoothly.

Our Focus

Our crew strives to connect with the community and promote local involvement through craft beer and pizza. As a community-driven and inspired brewery, we create a place where families and friends can gather and have a wonderful dining experience.

Our Core Values

  • Community Involvement
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

Reach Out Today

For more details about our company and what we offer, contact our staff today. We will answer any inquiries or concerns you may have.